International German Championship 2024


10th - 16th June 2024, Lake Eder
The H-Boat fleet Lake Eder and the Yacht Club Edertal '86 invite you to the International German Championship.


Yacht Club Edertal and H-Boat Fleet Lake Eder

The Yacht Club Edertal (ESV'86) was founded in 1986. Nowadays, not least due to its founding member Karl Draude, a large number of H-Boats compete nationally and internationally under the flag of the ESV’86. Already in the year 2009, the club organized the German championship of the H-Boat class. The H-Boat Fleet Lake Eder unites many enthusiastic regatta sailors, especially an increasing number of young talents, who want to present you with great regatta days and an eventful side program. We are looking forward to welcoming you to the IDM 2024 at Lake Eder.








Lake Eder

Dammed to a length of 27 km and with a maximum width of over one kilometre, Lake Eder is located in the heart of Germany. Nestled in the densely wooded Kellerwald forest, it is a popular destination for excursions. Regattas have been a part of the sailing community at Lake Eder since the middle of the last century. The winds can be challenging for all sailors, new and experienced, and the great hospitality is known far beyond the dam.

What you need to know

Everything you need to know about the Championship

In cases of doubt, the Notice of Race and Sailing Instruction shall apply

Online Entry

For online entry use Manage2Sail. Here you can find the Notice of Race etc.


We are waiting for you starting Monday, 10.06.2024.

Destination address: Strandweg 9, 34549 Edertal 
Please do not use the club's address.

Craning facilities are available from 10am until 6pm, only with the mast down.

For earlier arrival please contact the organization team.


Campsite Rehbach - right next to the event location
Waldhotel Dornröschenshöh

Additional accomodation can be found in Waldeck, Affoldern, Hemfurth or Bad Wildungen. Please note that staying at the club or on the club premises will not be possible.


For all questions regarding sailing, accommodations, evening events, activities for fellow travelers, our organization team consisting of Christian Blum, Tabea and Thorsten Rasche will be happy to assist you.

Please contact us via or alternatively on our social media platforms Instagram or Facebook (@hboot_flotte_edersee).


Right next to the event location:

Strandoase Rehbach
Fischerhütte Edersee
Fischräucherei Edersee
Small supermarket at the campsite Rehbach


Please keep your boat in the assigned place while it is in the harbour.

Race Office

The race office is located on the second floor above the Ship Shop on Strandweg.

Opening Hours:
10.06.2024 10am-4pm
11.06.2024 10am-2pm


Measurement takes place on the second floor above the Ship Shop on Strandweg.

Opening Hours:
10.06.2024 1pm-4pm
11.06.2024 9am-6pm
12.06.2024 9am-11am

Notice Board

The announcements of the race committee and jury will be made exclusively via Manage2Sail.

For the duration of the event the organization team will create a WhatsApp group through which unofficial information will be shared. You can get the link in the race office.

Where to find what

Site map of Rehbach

What is happening


In cases of doubt, the Notice of Race and Sailing Instruction shall apply

Arrival and Measurement - 10th June

Please contact the organization team for earlier arrival.

Measurement 1pm – 6pm

Measurement - 11th June

Measurement 9am – 6pm

Practice Race 4pm

Open Ceremony 6.30pm, Party with liveband „Persico und die roten Schuhe“

Measurement and first race day - 12th June

Measurement 9am – 11am

Skipper Meeting 11:30am

Warning signal for the first race 1pm

Number of planned races: 3

Beer in front of the Race Office

Dinner 7pm, Party with music

Second race day - 13th June

Number of planned races: 4

Beer in front of the Race Office

KV Meeting 7pm


Party with music from 9pm

Third race day - 14th June

Number of planned races: 3

No craning

Beer in front of the Race Office

Novalis - Gala dinner 7pm

Price giving

Party with liveband „No Limits“ from 9pm

Reserve Day and Departure - 15th June

Racing may take place

Craning and Departure 10am - 6pm

Barbecue at the ESV for a fee. Early registration is requested.

Departure - 16th June

Join the Race

Registration and NOR in Manage2Sail